- A bit about me

Recently graduated and hailing from the foot of Himalayas, I am Govind Sharma, an industrial designer from India, who loves to create functional yet expressive products. I deliver my contribution in society through creative, meaningful and functional design. Cleanly rendered with skills like user research, problem identification, conceptualisation, CAD modelling and prototyping, I am building my expertise in Product Design/Industrial Design. Apart from my funny and approachable personality, I am an inquisitive team player, a keen learner and an appreciator. 

Currently, I am working as a Design Manager Industrial Design with Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd which is one of the leading companies in India.

   PENCILPROTO is my design approach for an environment in which every thought starts with the pencil and ends with a working prototype.

 - Awards

2014 - Gate qualified mechanical engineering 99.6 percentile

2016 - Reimagine waste daily dump challenge winner

2016 - LG OLED design competition finalist

2017 - IF design talent award winner

2017 - REDDOT design award winner

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